I'm from Brazil, and I've been learning everything myself, with different sources of inspiration, it's a lot of work but I'm still on the learning path, and I believe I'll never leave it. I make learning my fun! Comics are always a good challenge, each story has its own particularity, and it always brings a moment of professional satisfaction for me. I'm a fan of many comic book artists and illustrators. I really like American comics, but I have an extra hot for French-Belgian comics.

I have been working professionally since 2006, when I started selling art on ebay. since then, a lot has happened, days of glory and days of difficult challenges. It's a lonely and often sad profession... But I feel fulfilled when I see the gratitude in people who enjoy what I do.


Exiern - Webcomics by Scott T. Hicken /2016-2020

Two Covers - Top Secret Press by John Daniel Taylor / 2020

Royal Blood by Maurice Deveraux - Issues # 16 & 18 / 2017

Patriotika by Ron Zabala - Issue #1 / 2015

Two Covers - Argo 5 by Dan Sehn / 2014

Everland by Frank Fletes - Issue # 1 / 2010

The Father by Frank Fletes - Issues # 1 to 5 / 2009

Iron Sirens by Ian Ascher - Issues # 1 and 2 / 2007